The Tres Belle Story

Tres Belle, meaning very beautiful.  Feel beautiful, inside and out.

As a young girl, I was raised in a French Immersion school.  Loving the French language, I have always thought of it as elegant, beautiful, and confident.

That is what I want women to feel wearing my high quality locally made natural products. I have designed products that feel great, smell sweet, energize, and provide you with effective results specific to pregnancy and your changing body. That doesn't mean that you have to be pregnant or a maman to enjoy Tres Belle Body.  Tres Belle has many benefits while ensuring safety for pregnancy, including being cruelty free. 

Join me, my journey as a woman, wife, and mom.

The Tres Belle Body Line is naturally made products pour
maman (for mom, mom to-be).  Providing you with the comfort, research of safe
ingredients to use while pregnant and breastfeeding.  Use pre, during, and
post pregnancy.  

Each Product has unique qualities to help you with those
troublesome times of pregnancy, to remind you how important you are, and to
continue to embrace your uniqueness by feeling elegant, beautiful, and

I hope for all Mamans (moms) to enjoy pampering yourself while you take
on the biggest and Tres Belle change of your life.  Motherhood. 

Tanya Belle Bast – Creator/Owner of Tres Belle Body